Cosetec Android Applications
The Blue-force Tracking application runs as a service on the Android smartphone. The application is automatically started if the phone is switched on. (Booting).
The application runs as a service in the background not interfering with other applications. The GPS position off the smartphone is send to a server.
The information can be processed in many ways. On a Website, Cosetec OpenGis or the OpenGis Android application.
Cosetec OpenGis on Android is a map viewer connected to the central tracking server. The user can see his position (red) and if he is connected with more users he can see al other users. 
The BFT service and the Cosetec OpenGis application are used together on one Smartphone in most cases.
But they can operate separately as well.
The maps can be opens source, satellite, military maps or other user maps. (specially processed)